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Introducing Desktop 365

The New Standard of Desktop

Hosted by
Ben Tomlinson

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January 21st
14:00 GMT

Learn how Desktop 365 can help:

Mobilise your workforce

Access your desktops, files and applications (including those hosted on-premise) at any time and on any device. Work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, even with low-bandwidth or 3G.

Boost productivity

With your desktops and apps powered by Desktop 365's powerful servers, endpoint devices will be lightning-fast regardless of spec. Access everything via a Single Sign-On and easily pick up where you left off.

Enhance employee collaboration

Share and collaborate on files - of any size - simultaneously and securely with both internal and external stakeholders. Create structured workflows for common tasks and consolidate disparate file sources.

Scale your business at pace

A per-user, per-month model allows you to scale your number of users up or down at the touch of a button. Easily integrate multiple sites and add new offices into your network with minimal effort and lead times.

Save your business money

Vastly reduce Capital Expenditure (CapEx). Phase-out and replace existing desktop computers with low-cost, energy efficient Thin Clients. Take advantage of Desktop 365's powerful, highly scalable servers.

Tighten your IT security

Bank-grade security protects your company network and data against external and internal threats. Multi-Factor Authentication prevents rogue access and granular controls monitor and restrict user activity.

Increase usage transparency

AI-powered analytics allow you to monitor and risk-score user activity. Data download and upload can be monitored and pro-actively blocked. Network resource utilisation can be tracked to help with capacity planning.

Control devices and SaaS apps

Minimise risk, as nothing is stored on endpoint devices, and gain greater control with centralised management. Boost the notoriously lax security of SaaS apps with access controls, restrictions, and pro-active monitoring.

January 21st
14:00 GMT